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For over 20 years, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas employers have relied on the staffing expertise and dedication to superior service at AmeriTemps. Whether it is short-term or long-term, let AmeriTemps staff your company with the quality candidates you need to fill your open positions, on all shifts. Our agency utilizes a carefully developed selection process to provide you with the very best solution for employers at an extremely fast rate. We set our hiring standards and practices higher than the competition, and we pride ourselves on providing quality and excellence above all else.

As a solutions-oriented company, AmeriTemps hand selects candidates that match the needs of your organization and that are fully prepared to meet your project needs. Quality performance from a new hire can only be achieved when you have the right staffing agency in place to ensure work meets the needs of both parties, and that is exactly where our key strength lies at AmeriTemps.

Why Use a Staffing Agency?

Many of the actual costs incurred from hiring an employee are considered “hidden” factors. Our organization can offer a viable alternative to the increasingly difficult and costly problem of finding the right personnel. There are various ways AmeriTemps can help save you money by reducing:

Hiring Costs: AmeriTemps takes care of all advertising; screening; qualifying; and assigning of potential candidates.

Employment Costs: AmeriTemps covers all taxes, insurance, unemployment, worker’s comp and payroll services.

Productivity Costs: “Try before you buy”; eliminate the “no show” problem; complete the job on time; prevent overtime; we counsel, discipline, and discharge for you.

Why Choose Us?

Because AmeriTemps is independently owned and operated, we’re able to provide customized hiring solutions and application services that provide immediate results and meet the expectations of both the employer and the employee. As a result, employees and jobseekers acquire a quality position in their preferred field while employers maximize their staffing investment and reduce turnover. This win-win scenario is made possible by our team’s extensive hiring experience and our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

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Our employer partners receive the following at AmeriTemps:

A Proven Selection Process

Once we receive a job placement order, AmeriTemps takes the necessary steps to search for the best candidates. Our screening process is based on each candidate’s skill level, an evaluation of their previous work experience, the candidate is hand selected to fit your company’s specific needs. This streamlined selection process ensures that every person we send to your company has the ability to do the described job, the personality to fit into your organization, and the kind of character you would like to hire.

Client Satisfaction

When candidates are chosen, AmeriTemps provides each employee with a pre-employment orientation customized to your organization to brief them on the basis of the assignment, providing information regarding your company’s location, expectations, safety, policies, and procedures. This provides employee familiarity and comfort upon arrival. Our staff will follow up with you to verify your satisfaction for each worker’s performance and to confirm whether or not their attendance will be needed the next scheduled day of work. In the rare event that an employee does not meet your standards, simply let us know within the first two hours of the shift and we can provide a replacement at no charge.

Unrivaled Response Time and Hiring Efficiency

Light industrial projects and general labor jobs often require fast response and trust to ensure your project stays on schedule. That’s why the recruiters at AmeriTemps have a standard goal to help you find the right personnel for the job within an hour of your call. For more skilled positions, which require a more rigorous pre-screening, we request for additional time, yet we strive to accommodate the “rush” needs of any project. Whether you need one or one hundred workers, AmeriTemps utilizes some of the highest standards in the industry to provide your company with the ideal hiring solutions.

Opening an Account

Our skilled recruiters will take the time to get to know your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for. They will ask detailed questions about:

  • Job Description — This includes the duration of the assignment if it’s temporary, skills and training required to perform the job, specific job duties that need to be performed successfully, and any necessary characteristics that will help the individual be successful in your company.

  • Company Culture — Let our recruiters know of any requirements specific to your organization, such as policies for dress code, personal protective equipment, hours, breaks, and overtime.

  • Requirements for a Successful Hiring — Understanding the goals and scope of the project, how many people may be needed to complete it within your goal timeline and the skills needed to efficiently complete the project.

AmeriTemps has high expectations on all of our employees because we know that you have high expectations of us, and we aim to gain and maintain your trust. Allow us to provide you with our excellent customer service in all of your new projects.

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    Have Questions?

    If you would like to learn more about how AmeriTemps can help your organization find the best possible candidates for your open warehouse positions, we invite you to contact us today!


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    AmeriTemps is centrally located in Irving, TX and proudly serves employers and job seekers across the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, including Grand Prairie, Arlington, Grapevine, Carrollton, Euless, Southlake, Flower Mound, and more.

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